We have come up with yet another way for you to save even more on the hobbies you love!



Best of all is it's less work than selling on e-Bay and it pays just the same, if not more!
How does it work?
Checkout all the details below.
Please note that we are currently giving TRADE CREDIT ONLY. 


1. Email a correctly formatted list of the items you want to sell to [email protected] with the words "TRADE IN" in the subject line.
2. We will reply within one to two business days providing you with an offer for your items. You will then approve or decline our offer. If you approve the offer all you have to do is reply to the offer e-mail stating you approve.
3. After we receive the e-mail reply from you stating you accepted our offer, all you need to do is ship your models or kits and a print out of the email confirmation/attached list to the store address. (We will send you an email with all of this information)
4.  Credit will be issued once items are received and verified that everything is in the state that the agreement was made upon. Please give us a few days (usually about a week) to receive and process your models.

Below is a very basic list of what we’re looking for and what we, on average, offer for items. With the varying condition in which used toy soldiers can be, these prices are a generalization for the best condition indicated.

We offer higher buy prices than you can get anywhere else (if you compare what stuff sells for on eBay to this, and the fact you pay no fees for the sale, it’s a win-win for both of us!  

We reserve the right to offer less based on larger collections and or collections containing a large percentage of slower-selling items.

Please be sure to provide pictures of your items to help us get you an accurate quote!  


Books - We only accept the most current version on the market! To make sure you have the most update version of a book, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website! If the digital code has been redeemed on a book, we will not accept it for trade.

Depending on the overall condition, we offer 15% (poor condition) - 50% (nm condition) of the current MSRP in trade credit for most mainstream game books.


New in Box Items - To make sure you have the most update version of said item, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website!

We offer at least 50% of the current MSRP in trade credit for most current version mainstream games that are new in sealed box/package.  We may offer more or less on older version boxed sets.


New on Sprue with no box Items - Items without bases included for all of the models will fall in the lower trade %.

We offer 30-50% of the current MSRP in trade credit for most current version mainstream games that are new sprue.  We may offer more or less on older version boxed sets.


Assembled Models - This includes models that have been Assembled and not primed, Assembled and primed, Assembled and Painted.

Depending on the overall condition and current secondary market value, we offer 20% - 50% of the current MSRP in trade credit for most mainstream games that fit the above description.

For assembled models in poor condition (models will need to have their paint stripped, pieces glued back in place, or have missing parts all together. This applies to worn books, etc as well.

We offer 10%-15% of the current MSRP in trade credit for most mainstream games that fit the above description, as this condition is pretty undesirable for most players, besides the “do it yourselfers”.  Items in this condition have a tendency to sit unsold for quite sometime, so we try to not deal in items of this nature as much as possible.




1 - Email us at [email protected] with the words "TRADE IN" in the subject line.

2 - Use the following format in the body of the email:

I wish to trade in the following models and/or kits: 

Models and/or Kit

Condition (IE New, Assembled, Primed, Painted, Quality of paint job, Pinned, 
Magnetized etc.- Be as specific as possible!)

The more information you can provide about the bits and/or kits the better the offer will be. Our prices vary depending on exactly the information you provide.  Pictures are very welcome!


3 - Include as many pictures as possible. Pictures will most likely increase our offer amount!



1 - Be sure to include a physical print out of the trade in form from your confirmation e-mail.

2 - Make sure that all kits and loose pieces are kept organized into their proper kits. The easier and more organized your order is the faster it can be processed. If no attempt was made to keep your kits and bits organized into how they were agreed to be purchased you will incur a 10-20% penalty to your ENTIRE order! This is very important! It is much easier to compare the items we receive to your list than it is to try to put it together from jumbled up pile of stuff! 

Make sure your items are packaged securely. We cannot be responsible for any items that arrive broken! To ensure that your items arrive in the condition that you shipped them in, pack them in a way that your items should have no room to shift around during transit. Do not simply put items into a plastic zip lock bag and toss them into a box, these methods will result in damage to your items! 

Use newspaper or packing chips to tighten packaging. Items that arrive in a state of complete disarray will incur penalties of up to 50% or may be refused outright. If we refuse to purchase your collection because this rule was not followed, you will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning your collection. 

We encourage you to use a trackable method (UPS or FedEx) to ship your package. You may ship to us via the post office (USPS), but please keep in mind that standard USPS shipping options cannot be tracked. You are responsible for all shipping costs of items you are trading to us, including any postage due or custom fees that we may incur upon receipt of your package.

Please ship your items asap.

Where to Ship to:

Dicehead Games & Comics

200 Paul Huff Pkwy #12

Cleveland TN 37312

After You Ship: 

Once we receive your items, we will review your package to make sure all the items are accounted for, and they are in the condition described.
If your items were misrepresented, we will send you an e-mail with an adjusted total for the trade.
We will never process a trade with an adjusted total without first contacting you to make sure that the adjusted total is acceptable! 

Please give us 7 days to receive and process your trade in!



We reserve the right to refuse any trade, at any time, for any reason. 

Trade Credit is usually issued within 7 days of confirmed receipt of your items. 
This may be slightly delayed during times of great business volume (New releases, holidays, etc.) 

If your items need to be returned (usually due to issues with condition), you are responsible for the cost of shipping to have the miniatures returned. 

Sealed Product & Large Collections: 

We take sealed in box items, complete armies, conversions, oddities, and larger collections! 

Email us if you have these items for sale as we may have to adjust our trade price for collections of this magnitude! 

Following the instructions above allows us to process your trade order as quickly and efficiently as possible.


So that’s pretty much it! If you would like to make a deal, Email a correctly formatted list of the bits and/or kits you want to trade in to [email protected] (please follow the guidelines above) and we will respond back to you in writing within 24-48 hours of receipt of your trade in list!

Thank you for trading with us at DICEHEAD.COM!