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Base paints are the foundation of the Classic Method of painting. The high pigment count of these paints means they provide excellent coverage, giving you a base of rich colour to paint over.

This bundle contains:

Base: Phoenician Purple (12ml)
Base: Death Korps Drab (12ml)
Base: Gal Vorbak Red (12ml)
Base: Night Lords Blue (12ml)
Base: Nocturne Green (12ml)
Base: Corvus Black (12ml)
Base: Lupercal Green (12ml)
Base: Iron Hands Steel (12ml)
Base: Grey Knights Steel (12ml)
Base: Iron Warriors (12ml)
Base: Barak-nar Burgundy (12ml)
Base: Catachan Fleshtone (12ml)
Base: Morghast Bone (12ml)
Base: Corax White (12ml)
Base: Wraithbone (12ml)
Base: Grey Seer (12ml)
Base: Abaddon Black (12ml)
Base: Averland Sunset (12ml)
Base: Balthasar Gold (12ml)
Base: Bugman's Glow (12ml)
Base: Caledor Sky (12ml)
Base: Caliban Green (12ml)
Base: Castellan Green (12ml)
Base: Celestra Grey (12ml)
Base: Daemonette Hide (12ml)
Base: Death Guard Green (12ml)
Base: Death World Forest (12ml)
Base: Dryad Bark (12ml)
Base: Incubi Darkness (12ml)
Base: Ionrach Skin (12ml)
Base: Jokaero Orange (12ml)
Base: Kantor Blue (12ml)
Base: Khorne Red (12ml)
Base: Leadbelcher (12ml)
Base: Macragge Blue (12ml)
Base: Mechanicus Standard Grey (12ml)
Base: Mephiston Red (12ml)
Base: Mournfang Brown (12ml)
Base: Naggaroth Night (12ml)
Base: Rakarth Flesh (12ml)
Base: Ratskin Flesh (12ml)
Base: Retributor Armour (12ml)
Base: Rhinox Hide (12ml)
Base: Screamer Pink (12ml)
Base: Screaming Bell (12ml)
Base: Steel Legion Drab (12ml)
Base: Stegadon Scale Green (12ml)
Base: The Fang (12ml)
Base: Thousand Sons Blue (12ml)
Base: Waaagh! Flesh (12ml)
Base: Warplock Bronze (12ml)
Base: XV-88 (12ml)
Base: Zandri Dust (12ml)

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